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Business process analysis

What is your mission?

Who is your client?

What does the customer value?

What is your Key Results?

What’s your plan?

Let’s look at them one by one.


Technical task for software development team


Business Expectations

Problem + Solutions



Design, number of unique pages

Visual part of your future application.

Design takes effort, research, iteration, and feedback.

It can be long but in the ends it’s worth it.

pages / $

Frontend development

- layout creation

- user interface

User interface of your application that a user sees on the screen, and acts on to enter commands or to access other parts of the application.


Backend development


- Logic

The part of your future app, that is not directly accessed by user, responsible for storing and manipulating data.


Admin panel development

Admin Panel for a superuser or manager who should have the rights to create new Users and new Roles & then assign a role to a User.


Payment system integration

Payment processing integration allows for payment transaction data derived from credit/debit card or other electronic payments (such as those made over the Internet or on mobile devices) to automatically flow into your business' accounting or ERP system when a sale is made"

$ 0

Server upploading

Process of putting pages, images and files onto a web server.


Apple store submission
Play market submission

App store and Play Market submission is a crucial step in releasing your app.


Total $